Fighting your web browsing parasite habits

Methode 1: Download an Add-on / Extension to your browser

Leechblock is totally free and does an excellent job. It’s available on Firefox, google chrome and Microsoft Edge.

Methode 2: Modify the File “Host”
  1. Open Windows Explorer (Press Windows key + “E”) then browse to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc
  2. Search for the file named “hosts“and double clic on it
  3. Select Open with Notepad

Lines starting with a hashtag are just lines of comments, to block a website you need to place your cursor at the end of comments lines write and add a line as follow: #Website blocked

See example below:

A space is requied between the and the website address.

Ignore other existing entry, they are probably used by some of your softwares.

Websites added to the list will then be sourced locally and wont be found. You can add as much websites as you want.